How to Analyze your website performance?

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How to Analyze your website performance?


It is a challenging task to build a website on your own. You can take expert opinion from website development company in Jaipur to build a website, but you need to learn to analyze the performance of the website periodically to have a control of the brand or business. The SEO company in Jaipur can give you the assurance of controlling the content but no one has the control over the visitors who are viewing the contents. The analysis is the best way that helps website developers and SEO analysts to track the performance of the website and its content for a long duration.

What’s the outcome of proper website performance analysis?

  • The performance of the website and betterments
  • Keyword strategy and ideas to improve them
  • Structure of the website
  • Search engine traffic (Organic and paid traffic results)
  • Content strategy (quality, traffic metrics)
  • Link building (Detailed report on various links)
  • Social media marketing (The success rate, number of conversions and traffic metrics)
  • Reports, tracking, and other essential data to develop the speed and utility of the website

There are numerous tools available in the market to test the performance of the website and they are easy to use.



Monitoring the performance

The performance of the website is based on the 3 major components

  • Page load time
  • Bounce time /Rate
  • The number of Conversions

If you know the data of the above-mentioned components, you can understand the performance of the website.

Page load time

The seconds it takes to load a website defines its success. No website should take more than few seconds to load. When the load time is more, there will be a reduction in the number of visitors. You can track the page speed using test tools. Server issues can slow down the load time, unnecessary scripts and flash could also slow down the website.  High-resolution images can also be a major concern.

Bounces are the main concern

Due to poor marketing, irrelevant traffic and poor content, the visitors may not visit more than one page on your website. Optimizing irrelevant keywords could also increase the bounce rate which is not good for your website. The role of an SEO company in Jaipur is to monitor the keyword and maintain the better strategy.


The Digital Marketing Company in Jaipur has the better way to track the actions of users on the website which will help you to determine the conversion rate.