How to Get Visitors To Your Blog By SEO, SMO, Techniques

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May 3, 2018
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How to Get Visitors To Your Blog By SEO, SMO, Techniques


1. Write Original Content According Google Guidelines

"SEO Company in jaipur" If you have a blog then you should write unique content, which should be available only on our website or blog not anywhere else. This technique is helpful in attracting the audience and in SEO too.

2. Publish Content Which Your Targeted Audience Wants To Read.

Content is everything when we talk about a blog when you start a blog first choosing a niche (a permanent topic) on which you will write blogs. With a particular niche, there is a targeted audience also so always write blogs for that particular niche only. To know your audience you can use Google analytics which gives a complete idea about your webpage.If you want to SEO Services than you visit SEO Company in Jaipur

SEO Company in jaipur

SEO Company in jaipur

3. Encourage The Social Sharing of Your Blogs.

This point basically deals with the sharing and readability of your content. Google searches are not the only way to generate an organic audience; one should use Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and many more platforms. Write content which is shareable and which will instigate people to share it further.

Reduce the Number of Share Buttons;

Making sharable content does not mean that you add a lot of social media platform links under your blog limit the number of links, only add the links of prominent social media platforms. If you are not capable for Digital Marketing than you go For Digital Marketing Jaiur

Add Images to Boost Your Social Sharing;

Visual always hold the power to impress and attract people. Visuals (Images) are very easy to mesmerize and are very eye-catching. The better the images the better will be the social media standing.

4. Start Incorporating With Other Bloggers

Other bloggers can be looked upon as competitors or like other blogging platforms which can pump your blogging website. Networking with other bloggers is beneficial as it increases social engagement and redirects traffic on your blogs.

One can request other bloggers for a guest post or for a backlink in form of comments. Networking with bloggers can only be a success if both are mutually benefited.\


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  • neetha sb

    According to me its difficult to get ranked for Blog by seo. But if we spend some for online marketing would affects fastly and easily than search engine optimization,can you please suggest me How to select the blog title so that it can be ranked easily.Is it possible to find the blog title’s and subheadings with the help of keyword planner itself or is there any tools for it.If yes please do suggest me