How to do Competitor Analysis in SEO

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February 17, 2019
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How to do Competitor Analysis in SEO

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Competitor Analysis the way to evaluate the How to get top Ranking in Search engine . it is best activity in SEO to do competitor, this activity is very beneficial for SEO. Some tricks are given bellow that’ help you to do and identify your competitor sites. This is trick is very helpful and this trick is  founded by Compusys E Solutions which is a best SEO Company in Jaipur 

1. indentify Your Competitors

If you have a offline business  then you   you  can analyze very well that what your competitor doing but when you are running online business then very difficult to know about competitor. An online platform is open to everyone, and anyone can have access to it, so you compete with every site owner who is providing products or services like you. So you need to do a lot of research to identify them and then create a document with websites that operate in the same niche.

2. Check Your Competitor's Websites

You can not only learn a lot, but also get a great idea by analyzing your competitors' sites. You get many points to monitor like user interface (UI), web-structure, URL-structure, content management, social media platform, blog page and more. You can prepare a list including those features that you also have to present on your site. Then, you can implement them one by one, whether they are giving positive results or not. This process helps improve your site's performance

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3. Keep Track of Your Competitors

Keywords Tracking the keywords your rivals are using is an essential step to monitor seo competitors. Keywords are water of SEO without which it can not be optimized. If your competitor is ranked above you in SERPs, then it shows that he is using the keywords fairly. And, you have to adapt your website to adopt those specific keywords to move forward in the race.

4. Backlink Checking

Backlink analysis is important because link creation is necessary to improve site authority. Monitor backlinks, affiliate anchors text used by competitors, as well as their frequency of making backlinks. Through this, you can have an approach to making a link to improve website authority. You also know the list of domains for link off, to make an effective off-page optimization. By applying all these actions, you will be able to increase your site's DA score.

5. Go Through Competitors' Social Media Profiles

Social media has now become the very popular platform that can bring your business to new label. By applying the appropriate strategies for promoting social media, you can drive massive traffic to your site. That is why, focus on analyzing the posts of your rivals as well as activities of all social media (mostly Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). This will improve your site's performance.