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March 1, 2019
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Importance of Pay Per Click

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Pay per click is known as paid marketing on the search engine. If you place your add on the top of the search engine to use Google pay per click. In pay per click to advertise ads on the internet and earn more traffic on the website.  Pay per click is known as Google Adwords and Bing Ads.  Pay per click display Advertisements as banner ads are shown on website with related content.  We target bids of keywords in Pay per Click.

PPC Service

Pay per click advertises your ads on Google called as Google Adwords and advertise your add on bing called Bing Ads.  We search results in pay per click as paid results and these ads display on the search engine like text ads, shopping ads, Video ads, search ads.  If you calculated the cost per click advertisement cost divide by the number of clicks generated by the advertisement. Compusysesolutions offers Pay Per Click service in Jaipur.

Pay per click some general terms Used

1.    Cost Per Impressions                             

2.    Cost Per Click

3.    Click Through Rate

4.    Google Adwords

5.    Keywords

Cost Per Impression- Cost per impressions means how many times users look ads on a search engine, website, video or other platform so count as impressions.

Cost Per Clicks- Pay per click is also known as cost per clicks how many times users click ads on the search engine, Website so counts as clicks.

Click Through Rate- Click Through rate means no of users click on a specific link and no of users visit on pages, E-mails, and advertisement.

Google Adwords- Google Adwords called as Google ads are an online platform to develop by Google.  Google Adwords bidding strategy use for the keywords. We create paid ads through Google Adwords.  Google Adwords bid set for the keywords.

Keywords- Keywords called as phrases in pay per click we set to bid for the target keywords.  These keywords define as search queries.

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