Targeted and Personalized Marketing Gives You Better Conversions in Business

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May 6, 2017
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September 25, 2017
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Targeted and Personalized Marketing Gives You Better Conversions in Business

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What is Targeted Marketing?

Targeted marketing is a common technique often used by sales team nowadays. The marketing is focused on a particular subsection of consumers. The sales team may use most of its resources to lure this particular new subsection. As a result, there is an increased chance of people falling in the lie of this marketing strategy. Get to know more about Digital marketing in Jaipur.


How is Effective?

Targeted marketing aims to focus on a particular class of customers. So the sales team tries to map its strategy in accordance with the new market. Even if the sales team continues to market a product in the same way as before, they would be trying hard to catch the attention of the new subgroup.

Targeted Marketing is quite successful these days. As the brand aims to lure a particular section of its consumers, they often find success. The marketing team aims to get the attention of the new sub section of customers. The sub section of its customers can be grouped using anything as the reference. People belonging to the same area, or same religion can be called a subsection.


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What is Personalized Marketing?

Personalized Marketing as the name suggests is marketing directly to the consumer. It is one step ahead of targeted marketing. The aim of this type of marketing is same as the one discussed above, converting leads. Personalized marketing is now extensively used by companies to bring in potential customers. Often, you would have read an email referring to you by your name. That email would look as if it was written just for you. The email would have proper English, and the tone of the sentences would be active. Such emails are quite common and the frequency of these emails just proves how extensively companies invest in personalized marketing.   


How Can it Give the Better Result?               

Personalized Marketing helps delivers results. As the sales team appeals and showcases its products in a one-on-one session with the consumer, most of the time, leads are converted. It is one of the most effective ways of lead generation these days.

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